Are You Tired of Frustrating Technology?

You need our home computer diagnostic services in Bowie, MD

If you use computers at home, you've most likely experienced technical difficulties that were frustrating and time-consuming. You may have spent hours on the phone with technical support trying to resolve the issue. At Silver Computer Consultants, LLC, we take all the hassle out of technology, so you can spend less time dealing with it and more time enjoying it.

We offer both home wireless network installation and home computer diagnostic services. Our team will install your network and make sure it continues to work properly. Schedule your installation and service in Mitchellville or Bowie, MD right away.

Choose from our comprehensive IT services

There are so many ways the team at Silver Computer Consultants can make your home computer network more reliable and enjoyable. In addition to home wireless network installation, we offer a list of services ranging from security to repair. Our residential services include:

  • Wireless network setup and security
  • Hardware installation and repair
  • Data transfer, recovery and backup
  • Software installation and repair
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Computer security and anti-virus installation

Our team can also install your game center, media center orother technology center.

To make sure your computer is always as safe as possible, we offer a maintenance reminder service to let you know when your computer needs a checkup. Every three months, you'll receive a reminder to schedule an appointment to make sure your computer is protected and running well.

Sign up for one or more of our home computer diagnostic services in Bowie, MD soon.